How to Make Eagle Rock Bike Friendly

Some readers may be interested in making Eagle Rock more bicycle friendly. This page is to help residents learn about what the LA Department of Transportation has planned for Eagle Rock and how residents can help make bike lanes a reality.

Los Angeles’ Bike Plan has ambitious ideas for Eagle Rock (which I have written about in detail here) but residents need to speak up in favor of, and say what they want. If it is seen there is community enthusiasm for bold ideas the city is more likely to deliver such. One can communicate desire to bicycle infrastructure or bike lanes in a few ways:

1) Write a letter to Councilmember Josè Huizar’s office: Josè Huizar represents the City Council District 14, which Eagle Rock is part of. Oftentimes all it takes is a question, a request, to let local politicians know of your interests and needs.

2) Join the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition’s Neighborhood Ambassador Program: Help the LA County Bicycle Coalition’s efforts to make Northeast LA a safer place to ride a bike. Click here for more information.

3) Get in touch with fellow like-minded Eagle Rockers: Talk to your neighbors about calming traffic on street, and share your ideas for making bicycling more pleasant. Also, feel free to email us at Walk Eagle Rock and we’ll add your to our email list and continue the conversation about how we can collectively take action. Our email is

4) Follow this blog to stay up to date on opportunities to help make Eagle Rock a safer neighborhood for walking and biking: We inform readers of events, organizations, and plans that seek to improve neighborhood traffic safety.

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