Room For One More Park in Eagle Rock?

Eagle Rock truly is a great neighborhood to live in, but we already know that. Thinking of parks specifically, we have Eagle Rock Park and the physical Eagle Rock Trail Park anchoring our Northeast end, a couple of the neighborhood’s most recognizable icons. Then on Yosemite Drive we have the popular Yosemite Park and its pool which is so loved during the summer months. There’s even the Lanark Shelby Park by the Eagle Rock/Pasadena border, just east of Figueroa, that is home to a community garden. Not bad for our little town.

I like to think we have room to accommodate more parks in our neighborhood though. Today I have a location picked out very close to Yosemite Park but would be a welcomed addition nonetheless I do believe. So where exactly is this potential park exactly? Let’s have a map answer first.

Hopefully we all know where this is. The land in question is represented by the blue line between Lida Rosa and Fair Park.

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Alleys Rock!

Alleys are typically stereotyped as dangerous due to their lack of visibility and traffic. Until I started getting an itch to explore every single corner of Eagle Rock, I was unaware of how many alleys we actually have. There are a couple bloggers who sparked my interest in alleys with their fondness of these often lonesome paths so here is my take in a segment I have named “Alleys Rock!” In this segment I want to reverse the common perspective that alleys are either dangerous or useless. They are quite fun to explore and while an alley may be bare at first glance, it might have something to show upon closer inspection.

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