Alleys Rock!

Alleys are typically stereotyped as dangerous due to their lack of visibility and traffic. Until I started getting an itch to explore every single corner of Eagle Rock, I was unaware of how many alleys we actually have. There are a couple bloggers who sparked my interest in alleys with their fondness of these often lonesome paths so here is my take in a segment I have named “Alleys Rock!” In this segment I want to reverse the common perspective that alleys are either dangerous or useless. They are quite fun to explore and while an alley may be bare at first glance, it might have something to show upon closer inspection.

This section of alley has the 200m mark/ shot put ring of the Eagle Rock High School track on one side. On the other is Vincent Ave/Yosemite Dr. Most days this dead end part of the alley is used to park cars. Sometimes I have seen skaters practicing tricks there and during track season it is freeĀ  up close viewing of the shot putting.

On a recent walk I was impressed by one family’s use of this free space. They set up a waterslide for the kids to enjoy. Few residents can boast being able to host a slide of this scale whether it be due to landscaping of property, living on a hill, lawn is slanted, or there just isn’t space. Having an alley for a backyard this gives the surrounding residents a blank canvas to use any way they want. This picture cuts out part of the slide, but from what I remember it ran on for about five more feet. The cars and the house on the left are good indicators of how massive this slide was. It’s great that kids get to play in that space, I almost always like seeing space be repurposed in this way.


More posts to come so keep checking in and feedback is always welcomed.

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