Gem From The Past: Occidental College in 1903

I have the pleasure of attending a school with “third largest academic library in the United States”. However, until Eric Warren of the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society mentioned I might be able to obtain rare Eagle Rock related documents I didn’t really take advantage of this situation. While searching for some special request items for Mr. Warren, I found a small article advertising what  Occidental College had to offer… in the year 1903! At that time Oxy was still in Highland Park. The quality of this upload is very poor but it is simply due to the number of transitions this article has undergone before arriving on my computer: Published, 1903, in a “Tournament of Roses Edition Pasadena Daily News”, preserved in relatively good condition for a number of years, photographed with negative put on a micro-film reel (to save space, the physical newspapers take up too much room to have ready for use in the library) with many other LA based newspapers from early 1900’s, printed from printer connected to a micro-film reader, scanned the printed copy from the reel reader image onto my laptop, and lastly uploaded to this blog. Phew!

And here it is…

It isn’t easy to read off the picture so here is the text, 99% accurate:

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Pedestrian Plaza For Caspar Avenue

(Sorry for lack of updates, school is getting most of my attention, and rightfully so.)
It seems as though livable communities for LA are in the not too distant future. The first link, in case it does not direct where it should, shows us a quote from whoever updates the TERA facebook page. The quote is in response to my enthusiastic chant in support for pedestrian plaza’s for Eagle Rock and reads:

“Many of us in ER are working on creating more pedestrian friendly, bike friendly boulevards. We have the will, passion and willing leadership, but money and energy (to advocate for these changes) are always needed! Become a TERA member and support our efforts to make this happen!”

So, in case the message isn’t clear, donate money to TERA and volunteer any time you can to make Eagle Rock a bit less car-dependent. I know we live in a city THE CITY synonymous with cars but oddly enough, I can’t imagine anyone moving to Los Angeles because they absolutely love driving. If you love driving and oppose improvements for pedestrian and bicyclists, please, let me know…

…but I digress…

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Good ‘Ol Eagle Rock…

There are a few opportunities to share ‘now  and then’ or ‘before and after’ type posts for Eagle Rock. Waltarrrr does an excellent job of this on his Highland Park blog. The Eagle Rock book by Eric Warren also captures various Eagle Rock locations from many years ago accompanied by a picture of what those places look like today. This is NOT an attempt to be as informative as either of those sources or to be of their caliber.

Browsing the LA Public Library Photo Collection there are some “unidentified” homes in Eagle Rock. Interesting stuff, check it out for yourself. One of the first pictures that caught my attention was this one:

‘Unidentified Home in Eagle Rock’ Credit: LAPL Photo Collection

Here is the description that follows the picture

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