Gem From The Past: Occidental College in 1903

I have the pleasure of attending a school with “third largest academic library in the United States”. However, until Eric Warren of the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society mentioned I might be able to obtain rare Eagle Rock related documents I didn’t really take advantage of this situation. While searching for some special request items for Mr. Warren, I found a small article advertising what  Occidental College had to offer… in the year 1903! At that time Oxy was still in Highland Park. The quality of this upload is very poor but it is simply due to the number of transitions this article has undergone before arriving on my computer: Published, 1903, in a “Tournament of Roses Edition Pasadena Daily News”, preserved in relatively good condition for a number of years, photographed with negative put on a micro-film reel (to save space, the physical newspapers take up too much room to have ready for use in the library) with many other LA based newspapers from early 1900’s, printed from printer connected to a micro-film reader, scanned the printed copy from the reel reader image onto my laptop, and lastly uploaded to this blog. Phew!

And here it is…

It isn’t easy to read off the picture so here is the text, 99% accurate:

Occidental College

The college is situated at Highland Park, in the northeastern part of Los Angeles, on the Pasadena Electric line and Santa Fe Railway. The campus is an eight-acre tract commanding a magnificent view of the Sierra Madre Mountains, and surrounded by picturesque foothills.

The elevation is five hundred feet above sea level, two hundred and fifty feet higher than the center of the city.

A community is growing rapidly around the college, consisting of people of intelligence and good character, containing an active Presbyterian Church and a good public school. It combines the advantages of city and country, and is in short an ideal place of residence.

1. Academy: Open to pupils who have completed the studies required in the first eight grades of public schools. The course occupies four years: and every effort is made to make this department the equal of any high school or academy in the state .It is on the list of schools accredited by the State University.

2. Collegiate: Open to graduates of the Academy, and others who have done equivalent preparatory work.

No better collegiate course of study is offered by any Institution in the state than is offered in the higher department of Occidental College

Classical, Scientific, Literary, and Literary-Musical. The first leads to the degree of Bachelor of Arts: the second to that of Bachelor of Science; the third and fourth to that of Bachelor of Letters

Thorough instruction is given in Piano, Organ, and Violin playing; in Voice Culture and sight Singing; and in the Theory of Music.

The Literary-Musical course leading to the degree of B. L. is an adaptation of the Literary course, in which about one-fourth of the time is given to the theory and practice of music.

The climate is specially adapted to outdoor sports. The campus contains tennis courts and a one athletic field. Almost every day. In the year the weather permits ga??? and exercise in the open air.
In addition to this, however, classes in physical culture are formed, when desired, at a moderate expense, under the charge of a skilled teacher.

Worship is conducted in the chapel lally, attended by all the student.

The halls of the Young Men’s and Young Women’s Christian Associations are beautifully furnished, and these religious societies are active in promoting growth in Christian character and in training for Christian work.

The college has no dormitory system. Students find homes in the neighborhood  with families whom we recommend at reasonable rates for room and board.

A club for men is now in operation and is providing that good board can be had at unexpectedly low rates.

There has been this year a marked increase in attendance. Additions have been made to the Library. A friend of the college has made a generous donation toward the further equipment of the Physical, Chemical, and Biological Laboratories. A valuable telescope has been presented by the Presbyterian Board of Aid for Colleges.

The department of Science is now provided with apparatus of the most approved kind of illustrations and research.

For catalogue and other information address: President GUY W. WADSWORTH, D.D.
Los Angeles, Cal


I hope I can find more things like this, if I do, I will be sure to share with you. I wonder how the communities of Highland Park and Eagle Rock would have developed if Occidental had stayed in Highland Park. Or if the campus had stayed in Boyle Heights. As a resident of Eagle Rock, I am glad the campus exists where it is today.

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