Fun Sighting: Eagle Rock in ‘The Office’

I have enjoyed relaxing for most of this Saturday, taking things real slow as opposed to the school week where I only have seconds to spare. So how do I spend downtime? Walking to the market to pick up some fruits and veggies, catching up on blogs I read, writing emails, and of course watch a little bit of ‘The Office’ for a few laughs. Why do I mention this? Well, as I was watching the episode ‘Sabre’ from season six I noticed something as characters Jim and Pam were at a daycare center, hoping to secure a spot for their soon to come baby. The location looked a little familiar…

The address atop is 2030…

At 2030 Colorado Boulevard we have…

Peekaboo Playland!

An other clue was here

So the building they are in has a brick exterior, okay Peekaboo has a brick exterior, check. The building across the street. Hmm… let’s see what the building across the street from Peekaboo looks like

Well, I was convinced, checked online and IMDB confirmed it– Filming Locations: Peekaboo Playland – 2030 Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California, USA

So I am a bit late on posting this, it is hardly considered news, I just thought I’d share this. There was a big buzz when the show ‘Glee’ filmed at the Eagle Rock Plaza but perhaps the ‘Glee’ crowd is more talkative than ‘The Office’ fans. Did anyone catch this when watching this episode?

Reason #6 to walk Eagle Rock: Skip driving around town and instead become so familiar with the community, walking at a peaceful pace so you are able to spot some of ER’s cameos on television shows and say “Hey, I know that place, that’s right around the corner from here!”

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