Alleys Rock! From Colorado to Yosemite!

I find myself increasingly fascinated with the alleys of Eagle Rock. They are not so numerous but there are definitely enough of them for me to notice. Lately I have thought that if slightly reconfigured, some of Eagle Rock’s alleys can resemble Dutch bicycle streets. Dutch bicycle streets are narrow roads where cars and bikes share but cars are not allowed to pass cyclists and must go slow, partially because the conditions cannot accommodate speed. Sometimes there are diverters but most importantly the streets are often too slow and too narrow for a car to use it to bypass traffic. Bicycle streets are also frequently residential streets and perhaps more relatable to the Bicycle Boulevard concept pioneered in cities like Portland and Berkeley. If some of Eagle Rock’s alleys/parking lots were converted to Bicycle Streets I think cycling would be even more attractive in this town.

This being Eagle Rock, I spotted two friends while filming so you will hear me say ‘hey’ twice. Once to the banana-man and then again to a dark clad guy in the Super A parking lot. Throughout this day I also saw my ERHS counselor, a former classmate in his car, and was treated very kindly by the staff at Corner Pizzeria upon my first visit (I didn’t order anything, the friend I was with did). It is this kind of interaction I have while cycling or walking that can never be rivaled by car travel and leaves me confident that Eagle Rock remains a small town despite its spike in popularity.

In this video I mostly go through parking lots, but the feel is still very much like an alley. I also find myself thinking at times if we don’t stop the additions of surface parking lots, or amend parking requirements, perhaps parking can be planned so that a bike path is fit in. And if a street is completely lined with parking, it would be nice if there were  a safe, direct path for cyclists to take like in this video.

Any thoughts?

New and Improved Spitz!

I often mention how much I enjoy Spitz, if not on this blog, on twitter,  or in person. An excellent restaurant and considered ‘healthy fast food‘. I absolutely love ‘not unhappy hour’, the veg sandwich, and the streetcart fries. I also declared Spitz as the restaurant with the best outdoor seating in Eagle Rock. When I visited Eagle Rock last week Spitz renewed and secured their title as I discovered that they made their exterior more pleasant. Here are some pictures

Greater physical and visual separation from parked cars for a nicer dining experience

Small touch yet still appreciated

Festive lighting for evening crowd

Spitz, you have outdone yourself, bravo!


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Room For One More Park in Eagle Rock?

Eagle Rock truly is a great neighborhood to live in, but we already know that. Thinking of parks specifically, we have Eagle Rock Park and the physical Eagle Rock Trail Park anchoring our Northeast end, a couple of the neighborhood’s most recognizable icons. Then on Yosemite Drive we have the popular Yosemite Park and its pool which is so loved during the summer months. There’s even the Lanark Shelby Park by the Eagle Rock/Pasadena border, just east of Figueroa, that is home to a community garden. Not bad for our little town.

I like to think we have room to accommodate more parks in our neighborhood though. Today I have a location picked out very close to Yosemite Park but would be a welcomed addition nonetheless I do believe. So where exactly is this potential park exactly? Let’s have a map answer first.

Hopefully we all know where this is. The land in question is represented by the blue line between Lida Rosa and Fair Park.

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Highlight From TERA Newsletter 11-13-10

So this is a bit late, but I would like to highlight what I consider a relevant item to the Walk Eagle Rock audience.


From TERA Newsletter 11-13-10

Thank you TERA for taking resident concerns seriously and taking action. Getting bike racks in front of the Center for the Arts will be useful for future community meetings held there and the Eagle Rock Historical Society open archives, hosted most Saturdays mornings from 10:00-12:00.

A More Pedestrian and Bike Friendly Yosemite Drive: Part 2

Note: In my part one post for how to make Yosemite safer I suggested some kind of barrier for private auto use yet still allowing buses and emergency vehicles to pass.  If that is wanting too much, I still think there is much which can be done to improve the safety of the many pedestrians that use this street. Simply lowering the speed limit is about the cheapest way LADOT can promote safety for all. Here in part two I would mainly like to address speeds along Yosemite Drive.

What comes to mind when you think of Yosemite Drive?

Eagle Rock High School? Yosemite Park? Bilo’s Liquor Store? The Teen Rock Center? Fraternal Order of Eagles Center? 181 bus route? Rockdale Elementary? Connects North Figueroa Street to Eagle Rock Boulevard? Adjacent to Eagle Rock Elementary? a predominately residential street?

I personally have memories of cross country and track practice, running along Yosemite before navigating other streets to get to ideal streets for running, like Hill Drive or La Loma. I also think of walking or biking to and from a friend’s house.

Do you think of the street as one suitable for a 35mph street limit?

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