Flooding on the Streets of Eagle Rock

I have only been back in Eagle Rock for one day and already my visit starts with a splash!

Unfortunately Eagle Rock, along with the rest of Los Angeles, isn’t very well equipped for rain. The streets, aside from being poorly maintained and excessively wide, are made even more dangerous and inconvenient when it rains due to poor flood control.

Not the worst puddle in Eagle Rock, but still inconvenient

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This is Eagle Rock When We…

…choose to make the car king, when we endorse driving by making 1-mile trips to the store behind a steering wheel.

There are no excuses for driving as much as we do, and those of us fortunate enough to live in Eagle Rock and Highland Park are blessed with very walkable, bikeable communities. Not to mention the almost perfect weather year-round and exceptional transit services for Northeast LA…

The power is really within us, the people of the community. Politicians and car lobbyists may push, but considering the majority of traffic in Eagle Rock is local, we can make our home a quiet, safer place with nicer air. All we need to do is change our habits. If you make more of your local travel without a private automobile, you are contributing to a more pleasant, livable Eagle Rock. What kind of Eagle Rock do you want?

One that looks like this

Credit to Waltarrrrr, originally from his blog http://www.highlandpark.wordpress.com

Or one that looks like this

When LA was graced with cicLAvia on 10-10-10

This may seem unattainable but all it takes is getting out of your car and supporting a less car-centric community.

Updated: Room For One More Park in Eagle Rock?

The space looks so accessible, fun, safe, tranquil, timeless, enjoyable, and natural! View from Fair Park

Not long ago I posted about a space I thought could be converted into neighborhood parkspace. Now that it has rained a bit, the area isn’t quite as dusty and dry and it sort of resembles a park now! Such an unfortunate reality that this great space is inaccessible.

Harsh reality, a view from Linda Rosa with the fence