Flooding on the Streets of Eagle Rock

I have only been back in Eagle Rock for one day and already my visit starts with a splash!

Unfortunately Eagle Rock, along with the rest of Los Angeles, isn’t very well equipped for rain. The streets, aside from being poorly maintained and excessively wide, are made even more dangerous and inconvenient when it rains due to poor flood control.

Not the worst puddle in Eagle Rock, but still inconvenient

Not all streets need to be as flooded as they are though. By the intersection of Hepner Ave and Loleta Ave this is what the situation looked like when I stepped outside:

Water unable to enter the storm drain because leaves and other debris are covering access

Move the leaves, dirt and trash and water can flow into the storm drain again

And across the street at the other storm drain:

Too many leaves blocking the gated drain so water accumulates surrounding the drain, causing this situation

It only took me a minute to clear the drain so that water could flow, and reduce the flooding of the street.

And finally, here is a video

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