Pedaling Revolution and Eagle Rock

I recently read Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclists Are Changing American Cities. A great book covering political history of cycling in America, why Portland and Davis have succeeded in high rates of cycling, insights from various perspectives throughout and more. The book is short, easy to read, informative, engaging and anyone interested in bicycling as transportation should try to read it sometime. Bicycles aside, it was still an enjoyable book, you’ll likely only skip a few pages if you aren’t into bicycling but just want something good to read.

Now, other than recommending this book and gushing about how much I enjoyed it, I have an ‘Eagle Rock angle’ to add. This was a pleasure read so I didn’t want to take notes or think more than I had to, but there were times when I couldn’t help but to think of Eagle Rock and our local street designs and I would like to share some of those moments here.

“You know, if safety was our societal goal, we’d definitely get rid of automobiles” [Peter Jacobsen, Sacramento Public Health Consultant]

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Eagle Rock’s Piece of LA’s Bike Plan

As some readers may know, LA is in the process of approving an updated bike plan, which seeks to increase bicycle ridership in Los Angeles through improving conditions for cyclists. The current bike plan from 1995 has mostly gathered dust as hardly any of it has been actually built. So why should this update be any different?

We live in the 21st century. Now we have greater connectivity between residents of Los Angeles, neighborhoods, and the city. Tracking progress of the bike plan, pressing our leaders to implement, outreach, attending meetings, and communicating with fellow bike activists is much easier today than it was pre-smart phones, widely accessible internet, era.

Yes this is the LA Bike Plan, which means Eagle Rock is included in the plan. Commenting period for the plan has ended and the plan will soon be filtered through the mayor and city council for final approval. So what will we be getting from the plan?

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Walk Eagle Rock Joins Flickr

Yes, Walk Eagle Rock now has a account. Photos from my various wanderings will end up there, have almost 30 photos up already so check them out at

Now, Walk Eagle Rock can be found on the following sites

and of course this wordpress blog….

New post will be up later today.