What Does Good Traffic Look Like?

There’s a conversation in Eagle Rock, the key phrases to describe the conversation are ‘”Colorado Boulevard” and “bad for traffic”. What’s the discussion about? It could be a few topics but in recent months, chances are that discussion is about taking space from cars to dedicate space to pedestrians and bicyclists. But what exactly is  ‘bad for traffic’ or simply ‘bad traffic’? Naturally ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are subjective terms when discussing traffic, but let’s look at some pictures of Colorado Boulevard and you, the reader, can determine what you would want to see more of– what’s good traffic?

Photo #1: Good traffic?

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West of Eagle Rock Elementary

I hope to post within the next two days…. in the meantime, here’s a picture I took of a unique, car-free people space west of Eagle Rock Elementary.

Here’s the text attached to the photo on flickr:

In LA it is tough to find areas away from cars. Seems like wherever pedestrians have access, cars do too. Even spending time in Eagle Rock Park, one is constantly bothered by freeway noise and cars driving around on Eagle Vista.

Here, directly adjacent to Eagle Rock Elementary, is space dedicated entirely to pedestrians with absolutely zero car access! This area can easily be used as park space for the surrounding neighbors and it is a rare occasion in Los Angeles, where one can escape from cars, and their noise.

Have you ever enjoyed this car-free space?

Heads Up: Now Writing on Bipediality

Fellow Eagle Rockers,

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, there’s plenty to write about but not enough time. If anyone has a pressing issue they’d like to write about, anything Eagle Rock related – appreciation of a local shop, a walk you went on recently, a dislike, an observation – leave a comment indicating so and we can have your work published as a guest post here.

Also, I was recently invited by the authors of the great NELA based blog Bipediality to write there too. If you read Walk Eagle Rock, Bipediality is likely up your alley. The other day I made my introduction and inaugural post which can be read here.

Lastly, if you can’t get enough of Walk Eagle Rock, may I suggest checking out the Walk Eagle Rock twitter feed for all kinds of micro comments, usually Eagle Rock, pedestrian, or bicycle related.

Thanks for reading!