Taking Back the Boulevard?

One of the reasons I write this blog is to demonstrate why I want an Eagle Rock that favors expanding opportunities for safe, pleasant walking and cycling around town– even if that means “taking away” space from motor vehicles.

Writing is a great device for communication of ideas but sometimes nothing compares to the power of pictures. When I visited Eagle Rock over the weekend I was lucky enough to snap two pictures of the same location showing completely different views of our neighborhood.

Want more of this?

Or do you want more of this?

One of these snapshot shows us a lively, vibrant community where residents know how to enjoy good weather. The other photo shows us, unfortunately, what the typical street life looks like in Eagle Rock– a sea of cars clogging up the street.

Of course, the reason why so many residents drive around Eagle Rock is because we dedicate the overwhelming majority of our space for cars. But it doesn’t have to be like this. Despite our road design which far favor cars over people, we have opportunities to make walking and cycling more pleasant and safe. One of those opportunities is to support and volunteer time to TERA and its new project ‘Taking Back the Boulevard‘. If you are not familiar with this new initiative, here’s an except from the most recent TERA newsletter describing the community effort:

The Colorado Boulevard of tomorrow can be a safer place for everyone. It can be a street that is inviting for bike riders, buses, cars, and pedestrians of all ages and abilities. In addressing the planning and engineering design choices of the past, and patterning Colorado after some of the most successful core community streets in the nation today, we will bring a renewed sense of pride and enrichment to Eagle Rock.

Colorado Boulevard should be a humane place that is inviting, scaled for people and reflects the rich history of Eagle Rock as well as the diverse culture that has drawn us all here. Colorado should be a place to sit with our friends over a meal or walk with our kids for ice cream or ride our bikes to the store. It must be a street that is no longer dominated by the automobile, but be a place for people.


If ‘Taking Back the Boulevard’ sounds like something you’re interested in, read the full newsletter here and consider volunteering to help make the initiative a reality. You can make a difference.

Bike Lane on Fair Park Avenue

IMG_0746 by Walk Eagle Rock
IMG_0746 a photo by Walk Eagle Rock on Flickr.

Did you notice? This block of Fair Park Avenue was repaved recently and in the process received a glorious bike lane. I don’t ride on Fair Park often and I have not been in the neighborhood lately so I don’t know when this actually happened but it is a wonderful movement towards a more bikeable Eagle Rock. Yes it only spans one block, between Maywood Avenue and Eagle Rock Boulevard and only 1188 feet long according to google maps. But consider this– Maywood is a low traffic street and Eagle Rock Boulevard already has a bike lane south of Westdale Avenue. The ER Blvd bike lane is supposed to be completed and run all the way to Colorado Boulevard in the near future as that portion of the street is in the ‘5-year plan’ of LA Bike Plan. Sounds like a bike network is quietly brewing in Eagle Rock…

What a Welcome!

Back in Eagle Rock for a brief visit and Friday, my first day back, I was greeted with many positive sights, making me optimistic for a safer, livelier, more active, and more pleasant neighborhood environment. Here’s what I saw:

Just five minutes into my walk and I saw some kids with active transportation: skateboard and bicycle

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