New Bicycle Parking in Malmö

Yesterday morning I received an email from my father, attached with photos of some new bicycle parking facilities in the city of Malmö– the cycling capital of Sweden. Previously he has sent me pictures of typical, everyday cycling in Malmö, which I shared in a post. This time it’s pictures of new bike corrals in central Malmö.

The on-street bicycle parking, as my father points out, frees up sidewalk space for outdoor dining, and provides a permanent buffer between the sidewalk and the adjacent traffic.The red silhouette of a car demonstrates how space efficient the bicycle parking is, and the corrals serve many more customers than the automobile parking spaces they replaced.

Here in Los Angeles, we are now lucky enough to finally have similar bicycle parking facilities in the area. Long Beach has a handful of bike corrals and City of Los Angeles got its first bike corral in Highland Park not long ago (pictured below).

A look at Highland Park’s bike corral, and its space efficiency

As a Malmö native and current Angeleno its great to see both cities further embrace bicycling as a mode of transportation. With bicycling representing about 30% mode share in Malmö, they must be doing something right– and if Los Angeles implements similar facilities it gives us reason to be optimistic for the future of cycling in LA. Naturally there is more to Malmö than bike parking, and I plan to share what the city has to offer when I visit in June.That’s right, Walk Eagle Rock is going to Malmö! The trip is primarily to see my family, but if I snap a few photos cool bike infrastructure I’ll be sure to post them here.

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7 thoughts on “New Bicycle Parking in Malmö

  1. Right on! Malmö on a LA bicycle blog. I like it. ;)

    I welcome you to Malmö in June, maybe a coffee and I may show you some goodies from a bicycle perspective.

  2. Me again!

    Forget to tell the “story”. Where the cool bicycle stands are, cars parking was before. The bicycle stands were put there to show the space a car occupy in the city, a bit of a provocation according to the guy who took the descision. They will be replaced with “ordinary” stands and the “cool ones” will be moved to create even more bicycle parking where it is car parking today. Malmö is working hard to make it easier for cyclists and they are succeeding pretty well according to me.

      • I’m very pleased to see this! I’ve been to L.A. two times but only seen a handful of cyclist. I got some more info if you need about this racks. I’m working for the city of Malmö and are responsible for placing the racks onto the street.

        Have a good one.


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