York Blvd Sidewalk By W Ave 42

What remains of the sidewalk. I find myself conflicted with sights like this. On one hand, I think “cool, the sidewalk is almost entirely covered in weeds and grass”. On the other, I think “must make getting through tough for strollers, wheelchairs, sidewalk cyclists. Also, it is perhaps a testament to how rarely people walk around the neighborhood.”

From Eagle Rock Patch to Possibilities in Eagle Rock

There hasn’t been much activity here but I’d like to take a look briefly at Eagle Rock Patch‘s ‘The Future of Eagle Rock‘ series. It’s a recurring segment over at Patch that aims to ask voices in Eagle Rock what they want Eagle Rock to look like in the future. Three of the four of the responses in the series have been quite pleasant to see from a ‘Walk Eagle Rock’ perspective, allow me to share…

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