A Little Summer Cycling in Eagle Rock

Recently we’ve had some of the most beautiful weather of the summer, great for bicycling. This past week I took a few walks along Colorado Boulevard and occasionally snapped pictures of people bicycling along our commercial corridor. Here’s some of what I managed to catch with my camera…

Bicycling on Colorado Boulevard and Mount Royal Avenue

Two cyclists using the drive-thru at Pete’s Burger

Bicycling past Colombo’s Restaurant

Five friends cycling on Colorado Boulevard by Townsend Avenue

….I also managed to snap some pictures of bikes parked at our local businesses

Three bikes parked at Comics Vs Toys, using one of the many bike racks along Colorado Boulevard

A bike parked at Permanent Records, at the intersection of Colorado Boulevard and Townsend Avenue

One bike, three bike racks at the business Pilates on Colorado Boulevard and Shearin Avenue

People love to refer to Eagle Rock as a small town and seeing so many people (particularly youngsters) cycling around town on quiet humble bicycles, patronizing local businesses helps enhance that feeling. Here’s to hoping we see more summer cycling in Eagle Rock!

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One thought on “A Little Summer Cycling in Eagle Rock

  1. It’s great to see so many people leaving their cars at home and jumping on their bikes. Have to be super impressed by the cyclist who biked over to do their Pilates class. That definitely puts us all to shame!

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