Strolling Figueroa Street with Google Maps

By letting people zoom in to the street level of any location, the “street view” feature on Google Maps can be a great tool for exploring the neighborhood in a matter of minutes without taking a single step. Because the Google van that records the neighborhood shows up randomly and unannounced, the feature typically offers a nice snapshot of what conditions are like on any given day in a neighborhood. A look at North Figueroa Street* with “street view” seems to reflect this and confirms what anyone who uses the street regularly likely already knows– a lot of people ride bikes on the street! Let’s take a stroll and see how many bikes we can spot…

*(Between York Boulevard and San Fernando Road)


(All images via: Google Maps Street View)


So what did we see?

  • 18 people bicycling, or walking with bikes
  • 10 people with bikes on the sidewalk (but only 3 of them actually riding)
  • 6 people bicycling or walking their bike while wearing a backpack
  • 3 people wearing helmets
  • 1 bike with a rear basket
  • 0 “hipsters”

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