Walk Eagle Rock supports positive and sustainable improvements in the Northeast LA area. We believe in doing local travel around the neighborhood by foot or bicycle. We find by spending time in the community one gets to appreciate aspects one would not notice if traveling by car. We love subtle elements in the neighborhood – building architecture, hidden streets, the heart-warming timelessness one feels walking down Yosemite Drive on a sunny day. We enjoy exploring parts of town we do not pass by on a regular basis simply to experience or rediscover more of the community we love so much.

– Walk Eagle Rock

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  1. My parents brought me home to Redwood Dr just over the line into Pasadena; off La Loma. Very few houses in 1940 lots of poison oak though. The whole hillw as called Poppy Hill. Even in the 40’s the poppies blazed away in the spring.

    My gparents lived on Cedar edge. My gfather was a painting contractor and fine arts painter. Member of the Eagle Rock Art Colony in the 20’s. My stepfather’s house was across the street on the part of Cedar edge that The Abomination took. Just up that canyon an elderly woman referred to as Auntie Bert lived in a very old house with ranch out buildings. I heard it was homestead land. We all bought eggs and chickens from her during the War. My gma worked at the Economart on Colorado and Townsend. All the men had been drafted so they had to hire women or close. “Respectable”, read upper middle class women, could take jobs that were for the “War Effort”

    My gparents had a wonderful house on La Roda just below Hill. My mother was an Annadale CC deb just before the last Depression took her family down.

    I used to take the 5 Car from the end of the line in Hawthorne to Colorado and ER Blvd to visit when I was about 11 after we moved to PV. Safe as houses in those days.

    Eagle Rock in the 40’s and early 50’s were wonderful for a kid. Bireley’s orange drink, Bum’s Root Beer a library card for the old Spanish Colonial library. Grogan’s Drug Store with my gfather’s huge mountain landscape hung on the wall behind the soda fountain. I could stream of consciousness this stuff for hours.

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