Progress at 5 Line Restaurant


A changing facade along Colorado Boulevard

At the corner of Colorado Boulevard and Caspar Avenue the building that formerly housed Corner Pizzeria has been undergoing a bit of a transformation. According to Eagle Rock Patch, the building will become a “two-in-one restaurant”, combing a Big Mama and Papa’s Pizzeria and casual bar. The two establishments will be connected by a common door and go under the name “5 Line”, a reference to the former streetcar line that used to run through Eagle Rock along Colorado and Eagle Rock Boulevard.

5 Line remains a work in progress but one can already see the exterior resembling the look of the Los Angeles Railway Yellow Car line the restaurant takes its name from.

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Not A Through Street: Casper Avenue/ Colorado Boulevard

This crossing light has a long wait time

Today NATS (Not A Through Street) brings us to Casper Ave, a small, out of place street. It is parallel to Eagle Rock Boulevard and perpendicular to Colorado Boulevard, the life of Eagle Rock. Casper Ave is a short street, an especially short street running about a third of a mile from end to end, around 1780 feet long. This little street holds title as the only street that interrupts Las Flores Ave between Sumner Ave and Townsend Ave, a title I wish it did not have. Las Flores would be an excellent candidate for a bicycle boulevard conversion, if it continued through Casper. Between Figueroa Street and Live Oak View Ave, Casper is also the only street perpendicular to Colorado Boulevard from the North which does NOT connect to Hill Drive. These are the things that distinguish Casper Ave before exploring it as a NATS, so lets take a closer look.

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