Eagle Rock Walking Tour on November 23


On Sunday, November 23, Walk Eagle Rock will be hosting a walking tour around the neighborhood to explore the town’s history on foot. The family-friendly 5 mile route will be a shorter (and slightly modified) version of the walk led two months ago in August.

Below are the details, and feel free to RSVP to the event on Facebook:

Community and Civic Engagement in Eagle Rock

  • Date: Sunday, November 23, 2014
  • Time: 10:00AM-12:00PM
  • Location: 2035 Colorado Blvd (Eagle Rock City Hall)
  • Walking Tour Length: 5 miles
  • Event is free and open to the public. Restrooms/water fountains will be available at mile 1 and 3.
  • Attendees are encouraged to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring cash for lunch after the walk.
  • Questions? Email us at walkeaglerock@gmail.com

We hope to see you there and stay tuned for additional walking tours exploring different parts of the neighborhood in 2015!

Eagle Rock Walking Tour on August 23


In March, LA Walks hosted a walking tour of Eagle Rock. On August 23, 2014 we at Walk Eagle Rock will host our own walking tour.

It was not long ago in March that Los Angeles Walks hosted a walking tour of our neighborhood. Topics of interest ranging from architectural landmarks to transportation history and recent civic improvements were covered by two knowledgable local guides. We here at Walk Eagle Rock have long discussed the possibility of hosting walking tours and we are pleased to announce that on August 23, 2014 we will finally be doing so.

As the environmental impact report (EIR) comment period for the Scholl Canyon Landfill is coming to a close (the deadline is August 29), we think it would be appropriate to host a walk focused on community and civic engagement. Eagle Rock has a long history of being an active community and it certainly would not be as fantastic as it is today without the efforts of residents taking the time to participate, on all levels, to improve the neighborhood.

Find the details of our walk below and (if you would like) RSVP to our Facebook event:

Community and Civic Engagement in Eagle Rock

  • Date: Saturday, August 23, 2014
  • Time: 9:00AM-12:00PM
  • Location: 2035 Colorado Blvd (Eagle Rock City Hall)
  • Walking Tour Length: 6 miles
  • Event is free and open to the public. Restrooms/water fountains will be available at mile 2 and 4.
  • Questions? Email us at walkeaglerock@gmail.com

A Freeway Scar in Glassell Park

Overlooking where the 134 and 2 freeways tie together– Downtown LA is visible off in the distance.

It may be hard to imagine today, but there was a time when freeways didn’t cut through Northeast LA. The land occupied by freeways today was not undeveloped: homes had to be demolished, hillsides flatted, streets removed altogether to make way for the massive automobile infrastructure that encircles the neighborhood. Large parts of Northeast LA were erased  for freeways – lost in the name of progress – leaving residents with little more than memories of a pre-freeway Northeast LA, memories which will fade as those who lived through local freeway construction continue to age and become a smaller portion of the population. Old photos and local newspapers from the area documented freeway construction in Northeast LA, but there is little physical evidence one can encounter today that shows signs of the past; things were either destroyed or preserved–very few parts of the urban landscape were only partially destroyed for the freeways.

Maps offer good indications of how things used to be; looking at a map, one can see streets currently bisected by freeways, mentally “connect the dots,” and visualize how the streets used to run uninterrupted before the freeways arrived. However, every now and then, if one looks closely, one will notice subtle hints in the urban landscape – in addition to what maps and street names offer – from the time before freeways came to Northeast LA. In northern part of Glassell Park, close to the neighborhood’s border with the city of Glendale, there is a fascinating hint of the past, which now sits as a scar from the 2 Freeway’s destructive path through the neighborhood.
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What a Welcome!

Back in Eagle Rock for a brief visit and Friday, my first day back, I was greeted with many positive sights, making me optimistic for a safer, livelier, more active, and more pleasant neighborhood environment. Here’s what I saw:

Just five minutes into my walk and I saw some kids with active transportation: skateboard and bicycle

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New and Improved Spitz!

I often mention how much I enjoy Spitz, if not on this blog, on twitter,  or in person. An excellent restaurant and considered ‘healthy fast food‘. I absolutely love ‘not unhappy hour’, the veg sandwich, and the streetcart fries. I also declared Spitz as the restaurant with the best outdoor seating in Eagle Rock. When I visited Eagle Rock last week Spitz renewed and secured their title as I discovered that they made their exterior more pleasant. Here are some pictures

Greater physical and visual separation from parked cars for a nicer dining experience

Small touch yet still appreciated

Festive lighting for evening crowd

Spitz, you have outdone yourself, bravo!


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Fun Sighting: Eagle Rock in ‘The Office’

I have enjoyed relaxing for most of this Saturday, taking things real slow as opposed to the school week where I only have seconds to spare. So how do I spend downtime? Walking to the market to pick up some fruits and veggies, catching up on blogs I read, writing emails, and of course watch a little bit of ‘The Office’ for a few laughs. Why do I mention this? Well, as I was watching the episode ‘Sabre’ from season six I noticed something as characters Jim and Pam were at a daycare center, hoping to secure a spot for their soon to come baby. The location looked a little familiar…

The address atop is 2030…

At 2030 Colorado Boulevard we have…

Peekaboo Playland!

An other clue was here

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Alleys Rock! Blast From the Past 80’s Style

There’s a bit of an 80’s invasion in today’s installment of ‘Alleys Rock!’ but perhaps I have already said too much, too early, let’s zoom out…

View of the alley from Glacier Drive. The left corner is where a more popular alley is.

Today’s alley is nestled between Glacier Drive, Oak Grove Drive, and Ruth Avenue. It’s one of the shorter alleys, only spanning about 145 feet. Obscuring it, and likely making it more neglected than most alleys is not only the short length, but also its location: adjacent to a ‘Not a Through Street’ (better known as NATS!) part of Ruth Avenue and a curved section of Glacier Drive, and parallel to Yosemite Drive. This alley is even eclipsed by a neighboring alley which is far more visible!

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