A Look at Cycling in Malmo, Sweden

Recently my father took some pictures of bike infrastructure in Malmo, Sweden at my request. Malmo, along with neighboring city Lund, has some of the highest cycling rates in all of Sweden. Both of these cities are close to a cycling city a little more well-known, Copenhagen

Here’s some of what is offered for cyclists in Malmo, courtesy of my father:

Tree lined bike path by the central station

Biking shirtless with sandals, probably came back from the beach.

Even at intersections cyclists have some separation from cars

Very pretty bike parking area

Some of the bike parking by central station.

Bike parking at night…

Bike/Ped path

Cobblestone street reduces speed

Bike racks that keep bikes upright.

Tree lined bike path, separated from sidewalk and car lanes.

Walking path along the docks

While we see car access, parking-lots, stripmalls and the like as normal parts of city life – after all, we live in LA – this is not necessary. This kind of streetscape and bike mode-share can happen anywhere.